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Beware of impostors that tell you they're qualified gasmen, then take your money and run. Leaving your home and family in danger. Remember Natural Gas Experts has, "The experience that only time can provide to it's journeymen"

The question... Who does gas piping and gas leak repair safely? The answer... Natural Gas Experts, "the real deal in gas piping & leak repair." With 40 years of NIPSCO training and experience, Natural Gas Experts has the working knowledge to do your job right. We follow and understand the national fuel gas code and NIPSCO standards. Whether we're piping gas lines or repairing gas leaks, natural gas safety is always our highest priority. Put your trust in the company that has handled natural gas in homes, businesses, underground and above ground since 1970.

The best warranty you can hope for from most companies is 30 days. At Natural Gas Experts, our warranty is 6 years on gas piping in new buildings, 5 years warranty on gas piping and gas leak repair in existing buildings and 2 years on gas piping and gas leak repair on industrial applications.

Amateur gas piping can cause catastrophic resultsToo many amateurs think they know what they're doing handling natural gas. In reality it's "what they don't know, they don't know" that can be deadly. Unfortunately, they're willing to try at your expense. Even plumbers who spend their life working in water on such things as toilets, sinks and sewers can't be expected to know every intricate rule that must be followed with natural gas. Due to gas's volatility, procedures must be followed, doing the right thing, at the right time in the right order. Some things can be attempted by an amateur, such as... hooking up a TV. If it's done wrong you get a snowy picture. In contrast, if an amateur hooks up gas piping or repairs a natural gas leak wrong, you could die. Before you hire, consider the consequences that gas amateurs can cause. Take a gander (quick look) at our photo gallery. It shows a small portion of jobs Natural Gas Experts has done for homes, small businesses and commercial use. Thanks for doing the right thing. From Natural Gas Experts. "The real deal in gas piping and gas leak repair."


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Everything beyond the gas meter going into the home is the complete responsibility of the home owner. Where your gas company stops, we begin.

NGE starts where the gas company stops.

Our Products & Services

    • Complete design & building of Natural Gas piping systems
    • All types of new water heaters including newer tankless systems
    • Furnace & water heater repair (gas and electric)
    • Underground and in-building gas line installation & repair
We run gas piping to the following and more:
    • BBQsGrill like a pro with Natural Gas
    • pool heaters
    • fireplaces
    • dryers
    • ranges
    • yard lights
    • out buildings
    • garages
    • farm use
    • fire pit

About Us

Natural Gas Experts is a division of Excellent Choice Comfort Homes Inc. We have training & experience from working for the largest gas company East of the Rocky Mountains. We have been working in the gas industry since 1970. We started on 30" cross-country transmission lines. Our expert(s) has/have held the following positions:

  • Pipe Mechanic Journeyman underground gas piping
  • AA Welder Journeyman Top training for both Acedaline & Arc Welding of gas pipe
  • Heavy Equipment Operator for Gas Piping Journeyman underground & above ground work
  • Serviceman Journeyman Responsibilities:
         Repair Gas Furnaces
         Repair Gas and Electric Water Heaters
         Repair Damaged Service lines
         Install & repair Gas Metering
         Respond to & solve Emergency Gas leaks & CO2 calls
         Direct Fire & Police Departments on Gas Emergency Calls
         Solve Gas Equipment efficiency problems
         Solve Low & High Pressure problems for homes and industrial situations
         Install & repair gas piping for residential & commercial customers
         Protect the public by explaining & enforcing gas codes

Natural Gas Experts commercial line of products include;

Commercial gas piping to buildings, such as hotels, motels, schools, churches, offices, strip malls, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. etc. etc. We are able to do things such as creating new gas system designs for your project. Are you building onto the existing building and need the gas piping rerouted? We're on it! Need different gas pressures inside a building? We do that too!! Also, air pressure tests to local code requirements. Need to know what size NIPSCO gas meter you need? Natural Gas Experts can figure that and take care of having it installed for you.

Maybe you're in an existing building and you need gas leak repairs....we've done thousands and thousands of those safely and to code. Has your meter been shut off by NIPSCO because of a gas leak? We do emergency repairs. We specialize in solving difficult gas problems.

Natural Gas Experts handles a new composite product that can repair outdoor gas leaks of up to 60 pounds of leaking pressure. Click here to see product. What does that mean to you? No shutting off your gas, no relites after we're done, and no inconvenience to your patrons. It's particularly helpful when the gas just can't be shut off due to safety, comfort or business interruption. In addition to that we have another compound that can rebuild outdoor gas piping. Piping that has been eaten away by corrosion, is pitted, and is missing up to 80 percent of it's original thickness. This saves time, money and inconvenience to you, and it's approved by all regulatory commissions. All of our commercial gas work carries a 2 year warrantee. Yes, we know that's unheard of especially when other companies give 30 days or no warrantee at all. "Natural Gas Experts" is the real deal in gas piping. We pipe gas anywhere and everywhere you need it.

We have the experience that you can count on

We have passed 100s of gas efficiency tests. We have passed federal government guidelines for proficiency of both written & hands-on testing of gas industry standards. We have completed tens of thousands of gas service calls involving every aspect of natural gas work. Our training is unmatched. Natural Gas Experts has an apprenticeship training program & hires experienced professionals.

Our Mission

To provide safe, reliable natural gas piping & repair to homes or businesses through education & experience.


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