Live Natural Gas Repair Kit

Quick Action  •  Instant Repair  •  No Down Time

We've got a new product here at Natural Gas Experts. This new wrap can stop gas leaks up to 60 pounds of blowing pressure. It is also used to rebuild pitted risers, (the pipe coming up out of the ground.) This product is fiberglass and lasts as long or longer than new steel. It's approved by all regulatory agencies throughout the U.S. At Natural Gas Experts we are factory trained to install this product. We are also "OQ" operator qualified to work on all types of gas piping. Please find all the advantages that this product can offer you or your business in the attached brochure. After 40 years of working for NIPSCO, "the gas company" I see this as one of the biggest money and time savers there is. Imagine not having to have your gas shut off to make a repair. That means leaving the gas on to your apartments, condos, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, and industries. Anywhere the gas just can't be shut off do to safety or convenience considerations. So give us a call and step up to the 21st century technology.


Permanently Seals Active Leaks up to 60 psi

Designed and Tested for the Natural Gas Industry


Live Natural Gas Repair Kit permanently seals active leaks up to 60 psi. This product was designed and tested for the natural gas industry. Click here for a detailed specification sheet.

Typical Applications

Under-pressure repair and protection for:

  • Live gas leaks
  • Joint leaks
  • Manifold leaks
  • Pinhole leaks
  • Online repairs


  • Quick Action
  • Instant repair
  • No down time
  • Fast and easy
  • No relights
  • Tested for long-term repair
  • Used above or below ground

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