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Today's modern furnace requires a thorough knowledge of it's sequence of operation. The serviceman needs to know how and why the parts work. This awareness comes from technical training from an established training center. At Natural Gas Experts we've got years of study and practice. The president of our company worked for NIPSCO for forty years and repaired furnaces and water heaters under their "ESP" program. He has since retired from NIPSCO as senior serviceman in South Bend district. Consequently thousands of service calls have provided the experience that only time can provide to it's journeymen. That tradition continues on as new apprentices are trained to 21st century standards. Natural Gas Experts is committed to providing you with quick and reliable repair, when you need it. Remember repair is not always about comfort and convenience. It's also about safety.

Things like blocked chimneys, cracked heat exchangers and blocked heat exchangers can cause carbon monoxide in your home. This silent deadly killer is more prevalent than you might think. We’ve been out on hundreds of carbon monoxide calls with many, many fire departments while working at NIPSCO. In our experience, every household should have a carbon monoxide detector. We’ve seen them save many lives. Natural Gas Experts is licensed, bonded, and insured in multiple counties and cities. Get the right diagnosis for your furnace or water heater repair from Natural Gas Experts. Call now in Indiana, LaPorte (219) 324-6693, Michigan City (219) 872-5455, South Bend (574) 876-6661, Valparaiso (219) 464-2005.



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